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2012 Houston AH Youth Championships - U14 - 7/28/2012
Youth Championships? You got it. Airhockey isn't just for the grown-ups. Heck, we have some young players that could beat any adult outside of the professional circuit on the planet. And I'd put money on that.

We have a youth event held at the same time at the top 16 Open Singles on Sunday. There are 3 age brackets: Under 18, Under 14, and Under 10. Any player may play up a bracket is he/she wishes. And some do. Because they are that awesome.

Matches are best 3 of 5 or 4 of 7 depending on the number of players. And boy do these kids make it exciting! The adults show a great deal of tenacity in the calculation and decisions. The younger players have super human reflexes and very creative attack patterns. Parents watch as their sons and daughters battle it out on the table hoping to advance to another round and win the Youth Championship.

Children of all ages 17 and under are invited, though, we recommend that they be 8 or older due to the size of the Airhockey table. However, if your 6 year old wants to play, then by all means, sign him up!

Finish Name
1 Ben Hayman
2 Sarah Weissman
3 Holly Candanoza
4 Austin Fernandes
5 Tyler Gibson
6 Adam Accrocco
7 Nathan Gibson
8 Jared Wallace
9 Isiah Thomas
10 Connor Rodriguez