A. Garcia 677
L. Cervantes 733
Houston Weeklies - Round W3 >
A. Ortiz 77
M. Waheed 44
Houston Weeklies - Round L3 >
A. Ortiz 66
L. Cervantes 77
Houston Weeklies - Round L4 >
A. Garcia 676
L. Cervantes 737
Houston Weeklies - Round W4 >
A. Garcia 676
L. Cervantes 727
Houston Weeklies - Round W4 >
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Local Tournament Information

Glendale Heights, IL Tournaments
Last Winner: Billy Stubbs

Westminster, CO Tournaments
Last Winner: John Stucky

Perm, RU Tournaments
Last Winner: Evgeniy Elshin

Austin, TX Tournaments
Last Winner: Doug Taylor

Houston, Tx Tournaments
Last Winner: Luis Cervantes
Points Leader(s): Luis Cervantes - 1115
Wins Leader(s): Luis Cervantes - 3

Richardson , Tx Tournaments

Next Event: 4/3/2015

extra info
California State Rankings

 Top 5 PlayersRank
Davis Lee2181.02
Joe Cain1582.96
George Anderson1564.82
Colin Pollock1553.22
Jeremy Mc Kiernan1401.2
latest blog
Going Nowhere Fast
26 Mar 2015 by fupersly