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tips on how to play
Lesson 1: Stance and Grip

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Before you put any coins into the table, go to one of the ends of the table and grab a mallet. Check your leg positioning- how are you standing? The correct stance is to put the leg on your dominant side forward, and the other one back. So if you're right-handed, put your right leg forward against the table, and your left leg back. Your stance should be comfortable- if you feel like you're out of balance, adjust your legs until you can shift your weight from your back foot to your front foot without any problems. Most players put their empty hand on the end rail; if you do, just make sure that your fingers aren't touching the table surface, because getting hit with a puck is painful! Okay, so now you're in your stance with the mallet on the table, and your hand on the mallet. Look down at your mallet.. how are you holding it? You probably have your hand around the middle of the mallet, right? Take your hand off the mallet. Take your middle finger, and bend it down halfway. Now place your hand on the mallet, with your middle finger behind the middle of the mallet, and your 2nd and 4th fingers around the edge. Your thumb and pinky shouldn't touch the mallet at all. This grip may seem ackward at first, but it allows you more flexibility with the wrist, which will help you hit the puck harder on offense. With this stance and grip, you are now ready to begin your training. Welcome to Air hockey!