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Petesimple's blog
Billy Goat?
5/15/2012 12:55:07 PM
Played Billy Stubbs the number one air hockey player in the world on his home turf at the UIC in Chicago. TAOW states that one should acclimate to their environment before going to battle. As Billy had home field advantage with this match I should have played the higher ground but that didn't happen. That being said it would not have mattered if I had played him on my own table (fictitious table as I don't own one yet) He would have handed me my Air Hockey carcass on a platter for all to enjoy.
His adjustments to my offensive game were very impressive and his shots dead on. the only one game I took in the entire 4 sets came from a very dark place in my mind and that was still a 6-7 game.
Although of all of the air hockey challenge matches I have played so far this one had to be the best learning experience for me. I now know what it takes to be the number one player in the world first hand and I am quite far off from that mark at the moment.
Enough about Billy though.
My ploy the entire match was at first I wanted to try and take one set and beat the odds. Soon as I figured out that was out of the bucket I concentrated on not getting skunked on any of my games as that came close more than once. I don't think we had a 7-5 match the entire series. Only 2 6-7 games the entire time as well.
It really all comes down to a higher percentage of blocking, I don't have Billy's ability. My shots were on, but he was waiting for me after his read and I was not. The long and the short of it is that I need more work on my defense.
Billy was kind enough to give me a few pointers after our match on both my offense and defense. Offensively he wanted me to shoot more from the middle at the line as this gave him the biggest trouble on my offense. What he saw was 1/3 in each top area and if he were in my shoes he would only dedicate 40% to the side shots at the line. 60% should come from around the middle. I will definitely work this into my game and see what kind of results I get.
As for the defense, "I moved back" I'll be the first to admit it. Old habits die hard. Straights were my biggest weakness and I need to work on staying forward and not worrying about the banks as much until I can get a better "read" on shots.
Ok peeps, I hope this helps you on your road to becoming a better air hockey player. Good luck and I will see you on the table.

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