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Petesimple's blog
The Way of the Puck part 2b
1/25/2012 9:12:44 AM
Ok let's throw one more element most players don't even care to think about but to me matters; the spin. You heard me, a lot of my unders are spin friendly. When I get a good spin shot going you'll see the puck almost suck itself into the goal and then all of a sudden blame yourself, meh I'll take it ;) Now remember force and angle play a key part to a spin shot, not to mention drift. Also spin direction if in a clockwise motion one wants to hit the right wall under goal side wall first as that will help the puck walk into the goal. If spinning in a counter clockwise motion you want the opposing players mallet to hit first on the right wall under as that will help it walk into the goal as well.
These are really hard to master shots btw so don't give up and remember force and angle play a big part of all of this offense. To see really how all this works slow your shot way down on a spin and watch the reaction. Actually the slower it moves the more the spin really matters as you can only get the disc spinning so fast. Also spin on straights when properly shot will travel faster, but may leave the table so play with that idea with force and angle as well; you'll see.
Finally let's talk about the speed of the puck and postering. The puck can only travel so fast before leaving the table of it's own accord or hitting a wall or other mallet. This in mind, learn your mallets breaking point early. Meaning how hard can you hit the puck before it leaves the table and then pull back a little that is your fortissimo of your fast game. Anything more the puck will just keep leaving the table.
I'm a huge fan of Ip Man and Bruce Lee. The 3 inch punch is all he needed to succeed in any match. That is all you need to hit the puck as hard as you can. Anything else is postering by you or the other player or at least uninformed of his and your own force. Test it, you can whip a mallet by creating force into the table at 3 inches or less. If you can't, practice. Also keep in mind the downwards force into the table you can use that as a rubber band effect to your usual whip.
Ok there is a lot in here, and a lot that I'm still practicing and learning. It's kind of a life long air hockey meditation for me on these basic and more advanced ideas. I hope it helps your offense and I also hope it helps your defense against me.
Next I'll talk about timing...

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