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Petesimple's blog
For those of us willing to practice
1/24/2012 9:20:54 AM
First off, I am a master of nothing. I would call myself a jack of all trades, or at least a child of Jack. This being said I want to bring you into my "practice" or as I call it "table time" frame of mind.
As you know I'm really into music. I mean really, really into music. Even bad music has a place in my heart. I apply all to the beating of a drum as it is the way we function. The Harvard Dictionary of music defines music simply as,"Ptich and Duration". Thus we can simply define Air Hockey as "Force and Angle". Yes this is a crude similarity I know this, and there are so many intricacies in between we want to scream it, but this is how I begin my practiced thought. I like to bring the simplest ideas up first as most people like to ignore the basics and just jump into heavier "game".
If you want a really good read about life please check out "The Music Lesson" by Victor Wooten. He is a badass bass player who has a wonderful idea of how to learn anything. Sorry to jump on you, but to paraphrase Mr Wooten, if you want to learn music then go play with people who know and play music. In turn if you want to learn Air Hockey, go play with the people who are Air Hockey players. Yes, I know it seems simple, but that is how getting "better" is broken down.
Bring it back to when you first learned to speak. Did you just start spouting off sentences? No, most of us have sounds in our heads from the people around us and then start creating words and then sentences. Then later we learn grammar.
So Air Hockey should be "Force and Angle". Go around the table and try different shots at different angles and forces you'll start to see new game in your play. Remember, creativity is a marshalling of ideas. If you want to bring a new shot to the game start with the basics and then mix them together.
Go ahead and try shooting like someone else. A fun game we Houstonians like to play is to act like another player. If your opponent can guess who you are acting like then you are doing a great impression. Now use that same move you are implying and make it your own.
One of my favorite shots to play is the exact shot you just scored on me back at you. It keeps me sound that all play is avaiable and not hopeless to a ploy, but also means I'm learning from you.
So to recap - Learning anything is easiest in a total immersion type of situation with a concentration in the basics. And getting better is breaking out of your box and trying something new.
This is a two part posting part one over
To Be Continued.....

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