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nakdak's blog
40 years of air hockey at Green Manor, part 2
1/15/2013 8:18:15 PM
Also proving no stranger to taking a journey was Donovan Brown flying (in his car) up from Houston. All grins and tact, he sank his teeth into the tourney bracket providing the show with his whip-quick shooting style while imparting wisdom and advice along the way. Always great to host Donovan at Green Manor.

And of course joining the event in technical medium, if not spirit, was the voice of air hockey himself, Mr. Phil Arnold! Coming to us almost-live via the airwaves, it was great to view his well-wishes to the Green Giant kicking off the tourney in proper fashion. Thanks, Phil, for your words --- which serve as the first highlight to share.

Event highlights:

As mentioned, Phil's birthday speech.

Round 3 of the winner's bracket in which Donovan and Chris Green came down to match point vs. match point. Playing at the top of his game, especially with a Four Loco or two under the gullet, Chris managed to pull this one off. Chris would go on to win the finals.

Taking a break from air hockey, the whole crew huddled around the TV to watch the 2 minute warning of the Baltimore and Denver Divisional playoff game. Unbeknownst to the crowd, the TV was set on a timer which automatically switched channels to the Green Bay game just as Flacco's hail marry was at its zenith. The house erupted only to return to the proper channel to find the Ravens had scored sending the game into over time. Go Ray Ray! That had Corry the Green Bay fan written all over it, though no proof has yet surfaced, nor a confession.

Fighting it out for Mitic points in sets of 7. That was fun.

Press Your Luck, in which Chuck Forrest found a way to eek out the top score past D-Brown, though the entire game was a blast.

All in all, the day was full of we air hockey combatants slugging it out over the greatest sport in the world. Thanks again to all who showed, especially Cory, Donovan and Phil. Hope to see you all soon!

And as a side note, good luck to all entered in the Houston Tournament of Champions, happening on Donovan's birthday as irony would have it, as well as the 2013 California State Air Hockey Championship. Puck on!

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