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40 years of air hockey at Green Manor, part 1
1/15/2013 8:14:31 PM
1973: An important year in air hockey (if not infamous!)

When out from the womb of incorporation came the fastest table sport known to man all sleek and screaming, thusly came forth, pot-bellied and bewildered, one Chris Green as well. And so it was on Saturday that those of a mallet-obsessive fraternity came together in celebration of the sport's "finest historian," as was so eloquently incited by one of air hockey's premiere proteges of the puck, Phil Arnold.

Happy Birthday Chris, you 40 year old, and welcome to the downhill slide. And in true Green fashion the party revolved around 32 square feet of recycled air, to which it would seem was fed directly into the lungs of those huddled around in a strange and neolithic fashion of frenzy. In short, members in representation of 3 of our sport's cornerstone cities came together for the first (and only) 40th b-day air hockey tournament in homage to the aforementioned Chris Green. With the tournament bracket set, the puck got faced-off and the smoldering cauldron of competition was in play. As the matches marched on bringing the troupe of wild-eyed competitors toward what would soon become the final face-offs, the true giants of the household began to reveal themselves in uncommon fashion, until only one stood above the rest grinning like a chocolate-induced 12 year old, Chris Green the Birthday boy. So, congrats again on winning your own birthday tourney, not that fate, destiny, foul play and home field advantage had anything to do with it!

He would later suffer in an extensive and rambunctious game of Press Your Luck, to which only the self-moderated few would score any points at all.

Beyond the buzz of birthday celebration, though, a few attendees deserve acknowledgment, if not praise for their stalwart attendance at the table. We of Dallas Air Hockey were excited to have So-Cal rep Cory Dzbiniskinipity on hand for the show (it's actually pronounced Dah-bin-skee, though it's spelled Dzbinski, not that anyone needs introduction to Cory.) Having flown into Dallas on business he decided to extend his stay away from home and family to partake in the day, a personal sacrifice which we all took great camaraderie and fellowship from in having him there. His presence added to the dynamic both on and off the table as the event highlights will later show, and his growth in the sport was witnessed by all. With a fundamentally sound defensive game and a wide swinging cut shot impossible to read, he proved quite the foe to all present.

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