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nakdak's blog
Force of Nature
4/7/2012 3:29:28 PM
It makes perfect sense. It hasn't happened on this scale in a decade... and perhaps even longer. Last Thursday Tornados swept through the metroplex. All told over 800 homes were damaged, more than 350 unrepairable. The images on TV were frightening, entire neighborhoods left in rubble, residential streets newly shingled, yards left looking like city dumps. And though I've heard reports that declare as many as 23 tornados touched down, I can say they're missing one.


And it destroyed one of the homes previously unscathed, that of the mighty Chris Green.

The night started out as any stormy night would. There was confusion as to where things would get kicked off. Originally it was to be at the Dallas Air Hockey hub of the Billiard Bar, but that was not to be afterall. Their power was knocked out by the previous storm, so, wanting to alleviate them from any further damage, we decided to invite Brian to the Green mansion. Once all subjects were collected, we kicked off the night with a few rounds of round robin table hockey. If not for the wisdom that would soon be rendered, we might as well have all gone home.

However, said wisdom was rendered, and after a few games Brian introduced the Dallas crew to what I have been painfully curious about: Press your luck. Heretofore, the game has had no context for me in that I have been relegated to watching the Chicago crew play it on Vimeo, and have had no previous knowledge of the player shifting, the offensive/defensive setup, the scoring, etc. To me it appeared to be a random allotment of players rather dizzyingly moving about the table and occasionally scoring. But now I know better, and as it turns out, the game is a fantastic exploration into the psychology of the sport. It will teach you moderation very quickly, and if it doesn't, it will just as quickly teach you humility, important lessons in any sport, namely air hockey, neither of which I have yet to grasp, apparently. Accrocco won both games, the first by a margin narrow enough to surprise even him, I think, the 2nd not so. He won with a score of 60. Moderation, Brian, moderation.

And then it was on to game after game, each member of Dallas Air Hockey squaring off against the Houston rep. He won them all.

At one point, Accrocco's drifting, striking, scoring halted as he put the mallet away and spontaneously went into several minutes of verbal observations when which he broke each of us down by our weaknesses and offered points of improvement, a true master in form as well as heart. His words to me resonated with deft clarity. Nick, you need to trust your speed. You have it. Now trust it.

A lesson I will surely take with me.

And then, after the dust had settled, he was gone, a force of nature damaging egos and prejudices, scoffing at delusional grandeurs, offering future wisdom, and then simply vanishing into the wind. Like a Dallas tornado.

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