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nakdak's blog
Inside the game
3/20/2012 7:06:22 PM
Air Hockey has changed for me. It's gone from a thing that filled my days occasionally to an aspect of life. I've discovered a strange, almost indescribable sensation each time I step up to the table. There's a feeling of anxiety, almost dread to stare down a swimming puck at the other end of the table knowing the quality of its speed, the value of its flight and how it forces a sense of struggle from me, the still before a shot. But that's always been there for me—that dread. What I've discovered most recently is peace. A comfort. A staunchy figure residing behind my eyeballs between the brain and the mind. It's calm in there, a lack of all things chaotic, and it hides inside. It makes me yearn now, more than before, as if the dread is only a prelude to something far superior. I die unto it every time now, only to be born again, to feel the rush within forcing a patient, almost benevolent resolve that can be expressed in only one single way: With an uncommon mixture of patience and urgency both colliding as if inside some witch's brew, mingling with the idea of cosmos, a nebulaic formation of both function and discord. And time stops. All things linger. Silence takes over. An eternity inside a second. I rest now. It's beautiful. And then...

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