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Dallas Tourney V: Day of the Dog
2/4/2012 3:26:08 AM
Dallas Tourney V: Day of the Dog

Alternate titles - A New Year—a New Way, Week in the Knees, Hour of Blood, A Minute to Win it, Howling at a Puck-Moon.

Dallas Air Hockey has resumed its bloodletting, thus the bloodletting has resumed! And we faithful few have returned to the table. In deed, Dynamo has called us back to its hard, cold bosom in much the way Pavlov's dog began drooling at the whim of a tuning fork, or a hypnotist's swinging watch coaxes its victims into a droning stupor, thus it was that on the 23rd hour of the 2nd day of the month of February, 2,012 years anno domini, a new champion was crowned.

Continuing Dallas Air Hockey's regime of parody, this one was a classic tribute to the underdog. With a bracket structure that included 6 entrants, the core of our hometown body, soldiers of the mallet came together in a collision of reds. Seeded at the top was our reigning champ, Adrian the X-factor, followed by yours truly Nick Keller in 2nd, Chuck the Puck 3rd. Rounding out the bottom 3 spots, each waging war toward that coveted finals round was Chris "The Green Thing" Green, Mike Keller—our matrimonial marrying man—and Terence "T-Money" Tippet.

And the clash began, 1st with a bout between Terrence and Chuck. And in a show of his unique style of defense blended with a harrowing, time-tested, no-frills straight shot, Terrence would reign victory over the opposition spinning Chuck into the loser's bracket, despite Chuck's uncanny ability to pound pucks across the room on the wings of a split-second defensive charge that had all the frustrating qualities of a ballpine hammer to the skull. And in a show of unexpected and rare misfortune, Chuck the Puck, one-time Dallas Tourney champ, would fall to the X-Factor next forcing him into the dark and dreary murks of elimination. But like any true combatant with a focused eye, he would stick around to watch the tourney's unfolding.

Terence would then go on to face me in round two and prove his worth as one of Dallas Airhockey's finest. And though I would squeak out a victory, Terence is a man of fine-frame, offering up what is, to my mind, one of the more exhilarating moments of the night.

Round two would also see Mike Keller, coming off a defeat to the "Green Thing", facing off against our dauntless X-Factor, a man whose 2-goal handicap marked him as the world's most fearsome underdog. In a show of force, Mike would take the current champ down in two games securing his right to pound on toward a yet undetermined finals match.

Read more in Dallas Tourney V: Day of the Dog, Part 2.

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