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Dallas Tourney IV: New Blood Rising, Part 2
11/14/2011 11:42:00 AM
First, a few tourney notables. A trio of new faces showed up for the feisty festivities starting with Abel, a man whose sinister delight in smacking the puck with glee would be more fitting for his brother, Kane. Never the less, Abel is a psychotic madman who has enough of a competitive nature to add quite the seasoning to any good-ole air hockey throw-down and we look forward to his return.

Tony struck me as the most fearsome of the terrible trio in that his command of air hockey fundamentals is an ominous show of things to come. He's got great speed and holds a solid eye over the table due to his physical size; and once my match with him kicked-off he made his desire to win quite well known. Watch out for this one.

Which brings me to the human Bull Terrier, Rene - stoic defense, solid offense, a bit forgiving in a transition game, but an all around contender in the early matches. As an Army airborne trooper celebrating Veteran's Day at the pub, he proved to play the sport like a man with nothing to lose... the makings of a dangerous foe.

But as the semifinals approached it would come down to Chuck the Puck and myself. I went into this one with my sights set firmly on reaching the finals and with a defense bolstered in large kind with an aggressive sensibility, I secured my rights to fight on.

So, having finally bested both Dallas Air Hockey champs, I entered that final match with a cumulonimbic sense of confidence, and lo, it would be my undoing in game 1. After X-Factor scored off the faceoff, I followed up with a nonsensical display of error after error, and going down 6 to 2 I found myself having to fight back. My attempts were unsuccessful.

I would, however, make game 2 as one-sided as possible, and it was on to game 3. It was then that Adrian, of whom I spoke in the Dallas Tourney II entry as a player for which Dallas Air Hockey expected great things, defied all odds and proved to the world that in 8 short weeks one can go from doormat to champion; and I myself, in 8 short minutes, went from the elation of winning the Dallas championship, to being very pissed off. Needless to say, Adrian, the X-Factor, reigned victorious. The score 7 to 6. I ordered a pint immediately.

But congrats are in order to Dallas' newest and most unlikely champion, who, in the long-run, injected a definite sense of parody, if not irony, into the Dallas Tourney. Way to go, bro. Let's fight it out again, and soon.

Tourney results: Chuck the Puck 3rd, Nick Keller 2nd, Adrian "X-Factor" 1st.

As always, thanks to the Billiard Bar for allowing us to shed some blood and flesh onto your walls. We'll always be back for more.

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