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The Flanagans Puck it up in Big D
11/11/2011 11:59:08 AM
Alternate titles: The Flanagans do Dallas, H-Town Comes to Play, Flanagan Family-Night at the Billiard Bar, and Flanaganed Again.

This entry's been a long time coming but because the events to follow happened on the night a certain MLB team got the smack down in game 7, and because I've shunned from the sleeves of my consciousness anything and everything surrounding that horrific event (not that game 7 particularly hurt like that gosh-darned game 6), and because I've sworn myself never to speak of such things, and also due to the fact that that which exists in the digital etherium exists on and within its own timeline thereby marking the current nature of events as irrelevant, I have hesitated to write this blog entry. But, with great appreciation and respect to the Flanagans, the time has come. And believe me when I say, on that night in question, upon the wings of that horrible defeat, when Dallas Air Hockey looked up to see the Flanagans come stalking into the dim and grim confines of our Dallas air hockey hub, it was a welcome distraction of magnanimous proportion; in fact as I listened to the night very deeply in that moment I could swear I heard the low strains of the Imperial March as they entered. Nevertheless, there they were, Andrew and Niki, road-hardened and ready to release.

Due to the late start of the evening and all of the surrounding kinetics, there was no booked tourney - at least not in so much as we had a bracketed progression to the matches, or even that we had matches. All things considered we settled on some good old-fashioned round robin air hockey play which not only offered the Flanagans plenty of table time, but it offered us Dallas Air Hockey members shared time with our guests. And whatever competitive Flanagan shenanigans that followed were ultimately back-dropped by the mere case of fellowship and camaraderie that we in Dallas were overjoyed to share with H-Town's reps. But, speaking of that table time, Andrew and Niki both started out a little jet-lagged from their travels, but as it appears to be with the Flanagans, laying down simply isn't their style. In deed, as the night bore on they reared their air hockey heads tallying, what I would consider to be more than, their fair share of wins. And as it goes, the night ended after perhaps three or so hours of good ole' intertownship rivalry coming to a beer-bloated head. Thus parted Andrew in his warm-hearted stoicism, and Niki bearing that Cheshire grin of hers. So, Dallas Air Hockey wants to throw out a thanks-for-making-the-trip-and-throwing-it-down-with-us to the Flanagans. Dude and dudette, we can't wait to hit H-Town and return the honor of having yous guys come to town.

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