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Dallas Tourney III, Part 2
10/15/2011 2:33:39 PM
On to the quarter finals!

In a showing that truly exemplifies the highs and lows of a man on the verge of marriage, Mike Keller gets totally, utterly, unsympathetically, painfully and mercilessly blanked by Chuck the Puck in game 1 of their match with a score of 7 to big fat nuthin'! But, where there are lows, there are also highs. That would be the final game of the match that Chuck would win, and with his woman at his side, Mike Keller coldly and systematically erases our would-be winner from the would-be winner's bracket in a bout of Shakespearean proportion akin to Romeo spearing Tibolt with a spit thereby securing the love of his fairest Juliet. Excellent job, sir.

Having to pass through the loser's bracket - like Thor's Hammer through a melon - Chuck the Puck takes yours truly down quickly. There are no details available on this.

And ultimately, Chuck pounds his way toward securing not only 2nd place at the Tourney, but the rights to fight on for Champion.

As for that championship match, it would include the undefeated Chris Green yet again, a man with the undaunted ability to steal goals like a thief in the night, escaping into the darkness never to be seen again until he shows up from the murks of Hell to steel away another goal. But with the determination of a Red Oak, Chuck wins the face off, thereby beginning some of the most inspired air hockey the Dallas Tourney has seen yet. This was a show of true combatants, one yearning to continue what he so confidently declared to be a dynasty, the other performing like a man with nothing to lose - a man whose obsessions in life were honed together in a cornucopia of mental steel and physical prowess. Knights on the verge of triumph they were, facing the ultimate defeat, firing from the hips of skill, exploding forward from the arsenal of talent. Years of dreams from within their inner cosmos erupted through the quantum matrices of inspiration only to paint the vast landscapes of their competitor's soul, played out on the battlefield of a Dynamo.

How's that for drama?

And after two hard-fought matches, down falls the Green Booger as if tumbling from a nostril, finally earning Chuck-the-Puck his name.

Tourney results - Mike Keller 3rd, Chris Green 2nd, Chuck the Puck 1st.

So, congrats to Chuck for winning the day! But remiss we would be for failing to acknowledge Chris for the player he is. Good job, fellas - always worth the watch.

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