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nakdak's blog
Dallas Tourney III
10/15/2011 1:49:11 PM
Revenge of the Angry, Flying-Fisted, Deadly-Dog-Pisser Samurai's Ghost!

If there was ever a trilogy that ended well, it would be Dallas Tourney III (Not counting of course Return of the Jedi, Matrix Revolutions, Return of the King, Bourne Ultimatum, Batman Rises (I'm sure) and a few others that would take up too many of my 3,000 characters to list, so I'll stop here.) In deed, this one saw the clashing of many a Titan, the monumental climax being as appropriate as any great degree of appropriations could possibly fathom. But first - a thanking of our sponsors. General Snus. PABST Blue Ribbon. Lone Star. And the Billiard Bar. As always, you guys have come through like only guys that come through can. So, thanks for coming through, you come through-ers.

Because the Tourney shifted this week from Thursdays to Fridays, and due to administration's incredibly tight schedule - what with real world stuff exploding all about over the last 2 weeks, including a certain fiance getting fianced (Congrats to Mike Keller) - we were unable to advertise through our standard circuits lending to what I personally expected to be a flaccid turnout. Not so! And with the joining of some brand new faces, all vying for the cash prizes, we had a decent showing of 10 entrants.

As for those new faces Dallas Air Hockey saw some rather intimidating new talent, namely Cliff - brother to the infamous world-ranked Doug Taylor. And as it should have been expected, we saw Cliff propel himself masterfully through his first few matches beheading those before him with a guillotine style of offense. His elusive chase game and an ironically fast puck that comes off the heals of a gentle wrist motion earned him the Tourney's Honorable Mention.

And then there was the strangely thoughtful Jacob, a guy whose brawn is matched only by his patience - an ironic and rare show in deed. But with his ability to analyze the game and, as a brand new player, ask questions of technique and ruling, we see this chap only getting better. Hope to see you out again, bro.

The greatness of Danno and Wellman, a duo affectionately bearing the name Necio Vatos! made their presence known - Wellman with his natural defensive mastery and Danno with his ability to strike, strike, and strike again until victory is his. I find it possible that if they played air hockey with the same analytical degree for which they dominate in Fantasy Football, their doubles team would include the likes of Ehab and Danny... of course Wellman would trade Danny off for say, me, and let the cards fall as they may. Yes, that's a stab, sir!

The stalwart Tony played well enough to face Chuck the puck in the loser's bracket before being relegated to the bar area, and Luis - a man to represent all the "Blue Collars" of the world - came with a fistfull of well-placed intentions. Nice show, boys. Let's do it again.

See the climactic climax in Dallas Tourney III, part 2

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