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nakdak's blog
Dallas Tourney II, part 2
9/30/2011 5:11:04 PM
Getting into the semis was no fun, though it was quite a thrill. I pulled Chuck, a player who is notorious for a few things - most notably his laser fast left wall under and... beating me. This match was my personal highlight of the tourney. With a steadfast eye on the puck, an unusually stellar transition game, some "Chicago drifting", and some old fashioned determination I found myself earning the rights to fight on. Going up 2 games to 0, I would soon find myself in, yet another, game 5. Chuck the Puck: the guy who just won't die. It was a great match, one that I'll brag about for a long time to come. Despite our next meeting, I'm sure.

But freakin' Chris Green ended it all for me immediately afterwards thereby quenching his spot at the finals table with the eagerly-waiting Mike Keller. In a strangely one-sided couple of games Chris Green took the potential champ down in a show of vengeful glee for having spun him off into the loser's bracket earlier and, for the 2nd straight week, the Green Monster steels the show. Congrats to Chris, whom without his presence, I wouldn't have lost any matches at all as he took me down not once, but twice. Again, bastard!

Tourney results - Chris Green 1st, Mike Keller 2nd, Nick Keller (me) 3rd.

A quote from Chris Green: "So when does a streak become a dynasty?"
Response: "When you get officially banned, puck slut!"

Some notables of the day would be Levi for stealing a game from Chris, Adrian, as mentioned earlier, for stealing games from both myself and Chuck - you upstart! - and Chris T. for hanging on strong in a crowd of ruffians who were completely alien to him. But as Yoda once said, "There is another." In deed, I look forward to watching Matt keep bringing the heat.

As always proud to say, Dallas Air Hockey thanks our sponsors for helping us put on a great show. General Snus, the finest tobacco found in a pouch, PABST, and Dynamo Dave from Dynamo. You guys are the greatest. But, let's all give a rebel yell for the Billiard Bar for letting us have their bar, invade their space, and destroy their lives for a night. Scott, Brian, Alex, all the rest - nuthin' but thanks, fellas.

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