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nakdak's blog
Dallas Tourney II
9/30/2011 5:09:37 PM
Chalk it up - another Dallas Tourney hits the books. And this one was big time starting relatively early - about 8:15 - and going into the wee hours beyond midnight. We had some returning shooters from week 1 and a few new faces, always nice to see, most notably Chris T. and the humorously excitable Derek. All in all, we had 11 air-dogs vying for the cash prizes, not to mention king of the day. Hope to see all you guys out again.

Round 1 was highlighted by an impressive showing by one newcomer (and possible up and comer) Adrian. He knows how to pop the puck off the rails and has a stingy defense, but with a softer mallet and a tad more control, Dallas Air Hockey expects some fine things from this guy.

Round 2 saw the infamous Adrian move on to defeat the always Lucid and loud Levi, a match I had the privilege of reffing. Like two men committed to the winner's bracket, they fought hard bringing on a game 5 of 5, Adrian showing his mettle once again. And despite Levi's courageous efforts, each punctuated by a rather throaty scream, he yielded to the better with a player's gracious sportsmanship. But then Adrian played me, and after having reffed him I had the advantage, despite a wretched two point handicap.

A round 3 throw down saw some early heat. Two Titans of the table butted heads in a mega-show that came down to match point/match point. Mike Keller and Chris Green squared off, and squeaking it out with that lethal off-speed left wall over of his, Mike reigned victorious - but only for now.

It was in the following round that Chris Green began a triumphant march through the loser's bracket, starting with me. Bastard!

Then, Terrance Tippit and I had our usual throw down. But this one was not usual at all. Tested repeatedly by his barrier defense and a Sherman tank-style offense I found myself in a game 5 and facing elimination. The sigh of relief would be mine, though - phew!

Following his match with the Green Monster, Mike Keller went on to square off against the always-deadly Chuck Forrest. Another dog-fight it would be, but for Chuck, it was a trip to the loser's bracket. Hey, I'll see you there, bud. The match went to the kid from Keller.

See more in Dallas Tourney II, part 2.

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