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nakdak's blog
Dallas Tourny I
9/22/2011 8:36:47 PM
The 1st Dallas tourny went off without a hitch - er without many hitches - er, well, it was one big hitch - but nevertheless it got done proving that if a group of sycophantic air hockey brothers put their minds together anything can get done - er maybe they can lay down the ground work for something that will get done later. Nevertheless (again) all involved had a ripped-up good time during play which offered each player at least one of those oh-so slicked-down, bulletproof, behemoth-esque, super-sensation moments that only air hockey can provide. You know what I'm talking about. For each of us it's different - the perfect left bank over that could chop a log, that straight shot that goes clink before your wrist motion is detected, that scintillating under that's smoother than melted buttah. In deed, I know for a fact (not that I did any field research on this) that at one time or another every nipple in the house went --- doink! And, we of the Big 'D' Puck Posse want to thank our sponsors for making it all possible: Dustin & Co. from Snus, you guys rock. Dave from Dynamo, we dig ya'. PABST - the word says it all.

Now, here's the breakdown of the highlights. Let's start with the Dave vs. Dwayne match. Take Dwayne - an A.H. veteran whose been mysteriously tucked away in the westside berg of Ft. Worth, a big man with a big beard and a big heart - a cross between Jesus and Budha called "Jay-bu" faces off with Dave the Underdog. It was a tough match, each shot seemed specifically designed to score, often off-speed and patient, which lent to Dave's defiant defense. In deed, Jay-bu, much to the surprise of those in witness, fell to Dave's deadly deeds. Boy's got a dark heart. The rematch should be interesting.

Then there was the Mike "Madmak" Keller throw down against Chuck the Puck - a dog fight always worth the watch. Coming from behind in game 1 Mike takes the lead... and keeps it all the way through. Sorry, Chuck, no mercy rules in air hockey. No sweat, though, right? Chuck got even in their 2nd match of the night taking the madmak down in 3. Even up, even down --- always a dog fight.

A few sides --- Levi, a relative newcomer I like to call "The situation" for his high & tight crew and his clubbin' threads called it quits after a killer pinky-smash. No blame, dude. It was the final point of the final game anyway.

Terrence Tippet, a new daddy I like to call teetee, played well and was never out of a match showing the world his godlike resilience --- not to mention his sizzler of a straight shot.

Dustin showed some unexpected skills. Can't wait to see more, brother.

And of course the grande coup de grace: Chuck the Puck gets to take two sets from the undefeated, and mighty, mighty, Chris Green. Well, he took one thereby relinquishing the 1st crown of the 1st Dallas tourny to a man we call the Green Monster. Way to go Chris.

Top 3 - The Green Monster, Chuck the puck, Madmak.

Chops whetted, breath held - I can't wait for Dallas tourny II.

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