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Davisl's blog
2008 WC Review
5/20/2008 9:20:50 AM
Time to play some catch up. 2008 World Championship in nutshell: Ehab and Danny back on top. Even though Danny won his 7th Championship, I was more impressed with Ehab's play. He was the best player for most of the tournament, but just can't seem to get a leg up on Danny. Ehab was most impressive in doubles, where I had my way with Danny, but Ehab had his way with everyone else in the doubles tourney. Joe had a huge moment with 3 straight points against Wil/Fletcher in the 5th game in the semis. He really reversed momentum that Wil had been mounted, and I was able to finish it off. So that was a tough but satisfying victory.

I really botched my management of this tourney. I tried to save myself during the earlier rounds, but that led to me being unsharp when I needed it. Also, while watching Jose/Wil in the winner's, their emotion and intensity got me extremely riled up. So much that I threw up before my match with Danny. I was so amped up that it was really a detriment to my play. I scored on myself on crucial points(which was a big theme during the whole tourney), and it those two factors ended up costing me. Travis was a completely different player on Sunday than the one I faced in doubles. He was on me defensively, and couldn't miss offensively. I still had a chance to win the match, but scored on myself to lose two 6-6 games. He deserved it by putting me in that close of a match though.

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