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Davisl's blog
15 Days till 2007 US Open
9/20/2007 1:34:18 AM
15 days used to be an eternity to wait when you're young. The older you get and busier you become with life's routines, the faster the time flies. Before I know it, I will be boarding a plane to Chicago, which I just went to a few months ago. I will then try to get warmed up and focused on winning a second doubles title with Nizzi. Our first doubles championship came earlier this year, and it was so satisfying to win it, because it was so tough. Virtually every match, we were down 2-1, even some of our earlier round matches against non-Master teams. We then played former doubles championship teams that took us all the way to the final set. I will also have to try to win doubles without over exerting myself and leaving nothing for Sunday afternoon. Managing my limited amount of mojo won't be an easy task, because you basically put it all on the line when it comes down to it.

I don't expect to see many Texans coming - I would be surprised to see Ehab, Danny, Jose, Jimmy or Anthony. That is a huge contingent to be missing, but oh well. It would be more disappointing if I were going after my first championship, but no matter who showed up, it wouldn't stop the criticism, so why worry about it? That's the other thing I have to overcome.....overconfidence. I need to make myself believe that I am the underdog, I've always played better thinking that way. I'm sure in some of the players' minds, I am an underdog against them anyway :)

Well, been insanely busy, but I've still been able to begin mental prep for the upcoming tourney - we'll see how the body actually holds up after being so inactive from any type of activities for 8 weeks.

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