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Davisl's blog
Drawing Inspiration
5/1/2007 11:37:52 PM
Felt like watching The Matrix the other night, so I popped in the DVD, and since I hadn't seen it in so long, actually enjoyed it. There was nothing like watching it the first time in the theaters though. Chuckled at an early scene where the guy who comes to Neo's door says, "You need to unplug and relax man." Guess if you watch a movie enough, you start watching for these moments that foreshadow the rest of the film.

Here are the films that I've used to draw inspiration from, in my totally corny ways:

The Matrix(first one only, the rest SUCK) - I keep trying to fool myself into believing that I am "The One" :) I had this engraved on my goal blocker and my non-AH friends wouldn't let me live that down for a number of years. They don't say anything about my AH life anymore though. On the table, all the illusion and deception that players try to use is The Matrix, and I try to see thru all of the BS. Lastly, who wouldn't want to be as fast as Neo, faster than the game itself.

Troy - This movie kinda sucks, except for like 4 scenes, first when Achilles takes on the big warrior dude and asks, "Is there not anyone else?" Also when he tells the messenger boy "That is why no one will remember your name." The best scene is when Achilles and his crew storm the beach, if that doesn't get your blood going, nothing will. The one theme that I draw from this movie is Greatness. I guess I have found that AH is a difficult enough challenge/sport and I respect the many great players that are remembered to strive to be one of those great players. It may never materialize, but it feels good to try to be Great at something. Whether it's championship baking, pie-eating, jumproping, whatever, I respect people who do their thing and try to be Great at it.

Way of the Puck - This film was just OK when I first saw it. I was comparing it too much to recent great documentaries that I had just seen. It seemed like all the great documentaries really drew you in, took you for a ride, and had a big climax. Eric worked with what he had, you can't invent drama. I've watched it again about 2-3 times, and it's now grown on me. I appreciate it for what it is, and don't think about what it could've been. I love it for the small glimpses into AH's great past, the history and devotion of the players. It makes me want to go and play AH with the rest of the zany community. Only a true believer can smile when Robbins is describing how he loves a table like a woman. Or was it loving a woman like a table?

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