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Davisl's blog
Still Searching
4/23/2007 10:33:16 AM
In 2004, my offense was becoming more consistent because of practicing on my table. I developed a couple of key drifts and releases, one based on Jimmy's right-wall attack that he called the "Woodcutter". I first saw this drift used on me by Billy Stubbs in the T12 9-12 spinoffs. He was totally just messing around with it on me, and I've never seen him use the drift since then. That drift formed the basis of my secondary drift. I have since taken the concepts and applied it to other drifts that I've created. Even though my game doesn't have a lot of the time delays, fakes, and off-goals of the classic Master Level offenses, there is definitely a method to the madness.

What was missing was defense. I was utterly and completely lost on defense. I wanted to play out on defense and stop the straights, and snag the pucks like Danny, but it was getting me killed on unders, so then I'd overcompensate and get killed on overs. Top that off with in correct centering and I was also getting beat on crosses. I couldn't figure it out, so I even experimented with a Jose charging type defense. This actually got me past a few opponents, but I didn't feel like it was the shutdown type of defense that I was in search of. My goal wasn't just to win one championship - it was to completely dominant the sport of AH for a period of 3-5 years.

At the World Championships in 2005, I started the tournament with a hightop, which I had been using the past few years because it was said to be better on defense. My really low point was getting 4-0ed by Andy in the losers. It was a pretty disgusting loss to me, but he played well, and overall it was a very important loss in the scheme of things. I ditched the hightop and played Ehab in the 5/6 spinoff wiht a lowtop. Ehab came into this match with very low motivation after being knocked out of the main event. He was also always clutching his elbow, so I 4-0ed him while he was playing at about 80%. This gave me a tiny amount of confidence that I could play with my lowtop and be effective. I had also prepared for Ehab, and I felt that my preparation for him really worked well. I began to feel that with a few adjustments, I could get to the top.

Back to the Andy match, which I was able to view a few of the games on tape. Studying the tape allowed me to make a major revelation. I noticed that I would start off on defense centered, but as the opponent drifted and I would track the puck, my shoulders would turn slightly, and since my shoulders are wide, this would move my arm and also reposition my mallet on defense. What was left was a gaping hole on the cross side that all the Master and Pros were easily exploiting. Here's one tip: STUDYING YOUR LOSSES IS MUCH MORE IMPORTANT THAN ADMIRING YOURSELF DURING A WIN. I did notice that I had done this before playing against Don, but now I was determined to learn from it and change it. If you want to get better, you have to study your game to improve it. Some errors are easy to catch once you view them.

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