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fupersly's blog
Keeping Myself Honest
8/12/2014 1:47:20 PM
Okay, so maybe my big plans aren't off to the greatest start just yet - I still haven't hit the puck since announcing my "big plan" - and I'm not going to make excuses. I will start soon, just not as soon as I'd hoped. That's part one of this honesty exercise.

Part two of this is laying out all the information about my current state so I have something to compare to down the road to measure how successful I've been in my attempt to get in better shape. So, starting where I am right now, let's get to it:

(All stats as of 8/12/2014)
Weight: 242 pounds
Height: 6' 0.25"
Cardiovascular Fitness: Low
Muscular Fitness: Low
Diet: Whatevs! (no restrictions)
Notable Injuries: Right shoulder (possibly due to inactivity?), Right index finger (mallet impact?)

I doubt my height will change significantly (although I'm curious if posture improvements will help with this?), but I am aiming to cut my weight down to 210-215 pounds in the next 6-9 months. That will probably involve a pretty serious adjustment in my diet (call it my Achilles' Heel), so that will probably take a good month or two to really get moving in the right direction - just in time for the holidays!

("Great timing, Joe!" - The Pleasure Center of Joe's Brain)

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