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Q - 28 Jul 2015
Total Posts: 497
We're working to get those entered. Need to dig a bit in order to get things properly setup. I'll update this with an estimated finish when i have better idea on what's involved
Laz - 28 Jul 2015
Total Posts: 79
That's great except that I want the results of the AHPA World Championships, not Colorado Springs results? What are Colorado spring results anyway, the results of the other competitions or the weather results:) Anyway, thanks for doing this Q. I know it takes time away from your family and dedication to do this so I sincerely thank you.

Great job on your 4th place finish, that is a major accomplishment to be 4th at a Worlds where you beat the defending champion.
Q - 29 Jul 2015
Total Posts: 497
The AHPA WC results were what I meant. It was less characters to type out CO Springs than the full tournament title. I'm making an AHW How-To doc for Chris for various things including tournament entry so taking a little bit. Thanks for the congrats shout out. Top 10 spot post surgery was one of my hopes before the end of the year. The AHPA World Championship results/match scores will hopefully be up on AHW within a week through the tournaments links...

And just because I was curious here are some CO Springs results:

Q - 02 Aug 2015
Total Posts: 497
Main draw entered. Spinoffs entry completion TBD. Post if any errors are noticed.
goran - 06 Aug 2015
Total Posts: 428
When will the ratings be updated?
Q - 06 Aug 2015
Total Posts: 497
Just have to make sure everyone is set to active
TheAirHockeyGuy - 08 Aug 2015
Total Posts: 472
All results from the 2015 AHPA Air Hockey World Championship have been entered and ratings updated.

Chris Lee
Co-Founder, CEO
Air Hockey Players Association (AHPA)

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