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fupersly - 26 Mar 2015
Total Posts: 231
Can someone remove the fake/spam blog posts in the blog section? There are at least 4 accounts with long, meaningless names that have 30-50k views and are clearly not real people.
ajflanagan - 26 Mar 2015
Total Posts: 509
Oh, that's just Nizzi.
- 26 Mar 2015
Total Posts: 658
What??? Nuh uh... no impersonations there!
Q - 26 Mar 2015
Total Posts: 497
In progress (weekend)
Q - 28 Mar 2015
Total Posts: 497
Spam blogs removed partially. Related to my other post in this section, but trying to implement a security screen to prevent fake users from creating fake blogs. On the current framework, still learning how to either implement that at the username creation point (although there are 1200+ usernames registered currently to figure out what to do with) or simply implement a check when a user logs in to allow or deny blog access. Tough on the current framework for me but I'll give it a go with some feedback I've gotten thus far (thanks Pete)
Q - 28 Mar 2015
Total Posts: 497
It's not pretty but I think I can block spam blogs in the given framework. For those who do use the blogs here is what you need to do to get blogging access back. Send me a PM with what the error message says when you try to create a blog. I will respond when I enable blogging for your user ID. (please give me a few days as I may not check the forums every day. I will make an effort to check them at least Wednesdays and Saturdays for PMs). It is a temporary fix to try and prevent the unneeded blogs. Thank you and carry on.

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Forums Home / About the Website / Fake/Spam Blog Posts