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Juggernaut - 14 Oct 2014
Total Posts: 121
This link shows everyone except him, even Bob. http://www.airhockeyworld.com/playerlist.asp?letterid=1
AMG - 10 Aug 2015
Total Posts: 20
I second Wil's comment from Oct 2014 on the incluson of Owen (John) Giraldo in the USAA World Champions list. I can't imagine why he is not included.
Owen was a credit to the game and earned recognition on that list with his 1994 victory.
(he was also an affable guy that made events more enjoyable)

Please rectify as soon as possible
Q - 11 Aug 2015
Total Posts: 497
With the way AHW produces the pages (from what I can tell), I'd need at least the top 3 finisher names from the tournament, the tournament name and date. I think from there I can enter partial results and Owen's name should appear in the list

There does not appear to be any player profile set up for Owen so if someone wants to message me details to include on the page and/or a photo, I can do that as well.

The only thing that would probably show up on the profile page would be the tournament he won. I may be able to hide the profile details page to just get his name on the link Wil gave.

I will be able to test that I have read the code correctly this week after the last tournament is finalized. Hopefully this will get it done since the page is built off of the database and not just static HTML.
Q - 15 Aug 2015
Total Posts: 497
Looks like he had a profile created but for some reason it was hidden. Set it to active and he shows on the list.

Side note: I know the drop down says "USAA Nationals Champs" That will change to just "Nationals Champs" because setting up a different set of variables for USAA vs. AHPA wins is above my level of understanding Travis' code.

Update:Chris changed said dropdown
Juggernaut - 17 Aug 2015
Total Posts: 121
Thanks Q.

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