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airhockeyjedi - 10 Apr 2010
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Keith Sapanski wins the tourney in a double elimination only losing two games along the way. $100 richer. (That would be equivalent to $382 in today's dollars)

Vince Schappell
2007-2009 USAA Treasurer
USAA Member since 1980
carolina phil - 04 May 2010
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How did Mike D get top seed, when I thought Keith S. was the top winner all along?

I see the article is written by a JT. I bet this was the John Terry mentioned in the article, and the player I had defeated the year before in New York.

So, even though I had not met Vince who was playing in these 1976 events, I had met both John and Mike six months earlier in New York in 1975 when I finished third losing to Rod Yamananka by one point, who then lost to winner Pat Spiderman Wolf.

Wolf was a true talent. I would rank the Top Ten players in 75/76 as follows:

Jim Bill Carter TX
Rolf Moore, TX
Pat Wolf, MD.
Phil Arnold
Mark Robbins, CO
Keith Sapanski PA
Mike Dickstein,PA
Paul Quarles, TX.
Vince Schappell, Pa.
Rod Yamanaka, California

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Forums Home / The Historical Documents / Air-Hockey Title Decided - May 10, 1976