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brain - 21 Jul 2010
Total Posts: 578
1) Davis Lee Huynh - 2nd World Championship!!
2) Billy Stubbs
3) Anthony Marino
4) Danny Hynes
5) Ehab Shoukry
6) Keith Fletcher
7) Tim Weissman
8) Evan Siegworth - first time master!!
9) Brian Accrocco
10) Goran Mitic - first time master!!
11) Albert Ortiz
12) August Parra
13) Mark Robbins
14) Travis Luscombe
15) Joe Cain
16) Andrew Flanagan
17) Phil Arnold - Pro A Division Champion
18) Vince Schappell
19) Nick Geoffroy
20) Syed Rahman
21) Keith Garcia
22) Chris Lee
23) Dan Meyer
24) Mike Pitts
25) Chuck Forest - Pro B Division Champion
26) Fernando Guillen
27) Tim Leach
28) Michael Rosen
29) Mike Thomas
30) Jason Sherman
31) Michael Cummings - Best Newcomer!!
32) Jason Rios
33) John Stucky - Expert Division Champion
34) Robert Hernandez
35) Vadim Chizhevsky - Russian player
36) Donovan Brown'
37) Dave Parmley
38) James Britton
39) Niki Flanagan
40) Tad Gibson
41) Norman Richards
42) Mike Keller
43) Marc Sandlin
44) Jason Stevens
45) Brian Quezada
46) Hakim Muhammad - Singapore Player
47) Goofy Morris
48) Vic Green
49) Chris Green - Amateur Division Champion
50) Eric Rood
51) Avery Yebernesky - Highest ranked youth player!
52) Jacob Weissman
53) Colin Cummings
54) Lorene Shoulry
55) Steven Accrocco
56) Tim Harshfield
57) Chris Gibson
58) Vincent Lee
59) Mark Butler
60) Frances Pollo
61) John Mitchell
62) AJ Ortiz
63) Stephanie Strogney
64) Joann Marino
65) Matt Stephans - Novice Division Champion
66) Frank Moore
67) Dionna Little
68) Sarah Weissman - Most Improved Player!!
69) Justin Williams
70) Nick Keller
71) Terrance Tippet
72) Greg Smith - SRO GM!
73) Tory Evans - played with a broken right arm!
74) Alva Coto
75) Amber Gibson
76) Bob Bruner
77) Jennifer Stevens
78) Tyler Gibson
79) Connor Cummings
80) Chase Evans
81) Sarah Garcia
82) Austin Fernandes
83) Nicholas Stevens
84) Jessica Dolan
85) Nathan Gibson
86) Haleigh Gibson
87) Abdul Rahim Bin Abdul Rahman - from Singapore!
88) Tyler Stewart
89) Justin Flores
90) RJ Hernandez
91) Kyle Snider
92) Adrian Ortiz
93) Seth Yassky - title sponsor (Zwack) Brand Manager
94) Greg Lorenzo - title sponsor Marketing PM
95) Freddy Faoer - ESPN DJ!
96) Bilal Shoukry
97) Eugene Richards
98) Nikki Froelich
99) AJ Hoffman - ESPN DJ!
100) Jitesh Kumal
101) Becky Conway
brain - 21 Jul 2010
Total Posts: 578
103) Don James, Jr. Challenged number 102 Becky Conway at SRO on Monday after the tournament defeating her 3 sets to 0, 12 games to zero to take the number 102 ranking. No I am not kidding!!

Brian Accrocco
brain - 22 Jul 2010
Total Posts: 578
We have 1 correction. Jason Crawford did not actually participate in the event. He registered, as did Ted Knusten, but did not play. By USAA precedent, you have to play at least 1 match to earn a ranking. Therefore, Jason Crawford should be dropped as was Ted Knusten. With Don James's challenge match victory, he is officially ranked #101. Becky Conway still holds the last available world rank at 102.
carolina phil - 22 Jul 2010
Total Posts: 1084
You mispelled James' first name: Donnie.

ajflanagan - 22 Jul 2010
Total Posts: 509
Maybe someone else with more info can chime in here... I don't have the time to do the research. I recall an indepth discussion a while back regarding challenging below your "challenge rank". Don James' current seed position is 25.5... I'm pretty sure he cannot challenge #102 and come into the next tournament as a novice.
travis - 22 Jul 2010
Total Posts: 530
That's correct. His seeding on future tournaments is not affected by this challenge match. It just makes my life more difficult when trying to calculate seeds.

Travis Luscombe
AirHockeyWorld.com Webmaster
brain - 22 Jul 2010
Total Posts: 578
Don indicated that he intends to challenge up the ladder. I suspect some of us will be facing him on the table soon enough.
MRosen - 22 Jul 2010
Total Posts: 71
brain said:
Don indicated that he intends to challenge up the ladder. I suspect some of us will be facing him on the table soon enough.

Perhaps Don is targeting Tory Evans, who played with a broken arm, next ?

ESPN Radio host AJ Hoffman thought he'd be a great opponent!

Michael "Ricochet" Rosen
Commissioner - Major League Air Hockey
carolina phil - 22 Jul 2010
Total Posts: 1084
i whipped Donnie when I first met him at Memorial City when he wore his diapers high; and now I will whip him while he wears them low.

C. Phil
drftwd - 22 Jul 2010
Total Posts: 70
Tory vs Donnie
SuperHero vs Mr.Potato Head
tableman - 22 Jul 2010
Total Posts: 690
brain said:
Don indicated that he intends to challenge up the ladder. I suspect some of us will be facing him on the table soon enough.

I think Don should mass-challenge all 100 players above him in the rankings and play them all starting with #100.

Maybe Don is going after a USAA record for most challenge match shutout victories.


Mauro - 23 Jul 2010
Total Posts: 83
It's wonderful to see we've had players from Russia and Singapore at the tournament! :)
sjrbat - 23 Jul 2010
Total Posts: 527
I wanted to say thank you to TAG for putting together another great event. Hopefully our sponsors stay with us and we can continue this relationship.

Congratulations Davis on your great win and Billy for being so close.
You and Billy were clearly playing the best air-hockey out of everybody at the tournament, thus meeting each other in the finals.
The finals was an exciting finals since it went 2 sets and the second set went 6 games. We need more finals like that.

We also had some very exciting matches that went down to match point either way.

Congratulations also go out to these players:
Evan and Goren for making masterhood.
Albert and August for finishing 11th and 12th.
Andrew for FINALLY making the top 16.
Tim Leach for coming back from 0-3, 4 - match point to win his match against Dave Parmley. VERY EXCITING match.

Until next time.
Take care.

Davisl - 27 Jul 2010
Total Posts: 168
Thanks Syed.

Taking some time off before this tournament really allowed me to have fun playing AH again, win or lose. For some of us, frustration has crept in, and we had forgotten how much fun it is just to compete in AH. That is the one bond between us all - young, old, small and large, far and near, is our love of AH. Celebrate the moments that we do have to get together and compete, and then have some drinks or go out to dinner afterwards. Consider yourself fortunate that you are able to do so.

I was going to enjoy this tournament even if it were in a barn, but I can safely say that we were all treated to a spectacular corporate type atmosphere. Thanks to everyone who contributed so much time and energy, you should all be feeling great with how it turned out. I am honored to have participated in this event.

Congrats to Billy on a championship level performance - I just barely edged you out at the end there, and I'm glad we put on an exciting finals for everyone and the sponsors.

Long Live Air Hockey.
stubbs7 - 26 Aug 2010
Total Posts: 582
Sorry, I realize this is a bit late.

The tournament put on by Zwack and TAG was fantastic. The table graphics, Zwack girls, and appearances by ESPN made the atmosphere one of the best ever. Thanks guys!

I had no idea how I would do at this tournament - I considered winning it to finishing out of the top 10 as legitimate scenarios. Leading up to the event, I thought I was playing mediocre - Goran and Dan had been hammering in practice. After the event began, I realize that Goran and Dan were in fact beating me because they were playing awesome and that my level of play was higher than I had thought.

I am honored to have participated in such an exciting finals! Congratulations to Davis on a well fought battle. Most of the match is a blur to me. After watching it on tape, it's pretty clear that it was a defensive battle, something I was not as aware of while in the moment.

Well done job by the Chicago crew: Goran finished Master, Mark 13th, Dan 23rd, Eric and Brian both in the top 50, and I was in the finals. Not too shabby!

Carolina Phil also had a nice showing. Phil won a tough 17-24 spin-off and only lost to Anthony and Ehab in the main draw. Each of those matches went to 7 games and Phil should have won both of them - unfortunately, when the crowds started gathering, Phil started Razzle-Dazzling. :)

Also, big props to Anthony who had great run through a nightmare draw in the losers' bracket.

That was a fun one,

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