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TheAirHockeyGuy - 12 May 2017
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To the Air Hockey Community,

Over the past 2 years, the AHPA has been working to bring air hockey to the 21st century and put together a model and tools to advance the sport we love into the mainstream. As many of you know, over the past few months we have been testing software that we have acquired to ensure that it will meet the needs we feel are crucial to providing the infrastructure to move our organization and sport in the direction we would like to go. After successful testing we are excited to start the process of fully implementing this system. Effective immediately, airhockeyworld.com will no longer be used to document challenge matches/sets nor will it be used to track tournament results. All active ratings have been transferred to the "AHPA World Ratings Ladder" housed on our new system. During this process, all ratings were rounded up to the nearest whole point to ease the process. In the coming days, more details regarding how ratings are calculated, the rules of the ladder, and how to challenge individuals will be released. It is very important that any individual wishing to maintain their current rating sign into their account on www.theahpaevents.com. A link to login is located on the top right of the screen and from there it would prompt you to enter your account information. In the login section please select the link that reads "Forgot or do not know your login info? CLICK HERE". This link will guide you to finding and updating your profile. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at admin@theahpa.com. There are many more details on the rules of the rating ladders and how they will function coming soon and in order for us to stay in contact with everyone we need to ensure we have current email address for everyone. Please make sure your profile is as complete as possible.

Lastly, prior to the 2016 USAA event, the president of the USAA was contacted to inform him that if the USAA desired to have their results reflected in the ratings that they would have to input those results. They were given the names of the individuals that have the knowledge of the system in order to accurately input those results. Following the event they were contacted again in regards to inputting these results. While we are sensitive to the fact that life responsibilities come before air hockey, we reached a point where we could no longer wait for these results to be input. Therefore, the 2016 USAA results are not a part of the current ratings. In addition, since our new software manages both our events as well as our challenge ladders, only events run using our system will be included in future ratings calculations.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you on the table!

The Air Hockey Players Association

Chris Lee
Co-Founder, CEO
Air Hockey Players Association (AHPA)
TheAirHockeyGuy - 26 May 2017
Total Posts: 472
We will be releasing a complete list of rules regarding the challenge ladders and your ratings soon. For now, I wanted to share what the match values (k values) will be in the new system. The column on the left shows what they were and the column on the right is what they are being changed to. A couple of major changes to note:
1. "Challenge Matches" as we currently know them do not exist in this system. Everything is more geared towards "Set" play. There is no bonus for playing what the USAA defines as a "Challenge Match" If you would like to compete for a USAA Ranking and also get credit in the AHPA system, you can absolutely log each set individually and still get rating points for your match.
2. Tournament matches are worth the most in the new system. We want to encourage people to participate in major events so we have assigned the highest match values to national and state level events.
3. There will be inactivity penalties issued to players that do not log at least 1 game per 30 days. The exact amount of the penalty is still being decided but it will likely be around 10-15 points per month.
Still much more to come......

Event---------------Current K Value------Proposed K Value

National--------------- 48------------------- 100
State------------------ 32------------------- 70
Best of 7 Set---------- 16------------------- 40
Best of 5 Set---------- 12------------------- 30
Best of 3 Set---------- 4------------------- 20
Best of 1 Set---------- 2------------------- 10
CMatch Best of 7 Set--- 96------------------- N/A
CMatch Best of 5 Set--- 64------------------- N/A

Chris Lee
Co-Founder, CEO
Air Hockey Players Association (AHPA)

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