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TheAirHockeyGuy - 26 Mar 2017
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The AHPA will be showcasing its new sports management software 4/28 and 4/29. This will include our brand new Challenge Ladder System which will replace the existing ranking and rating systems. The event schedule will be as follows:

Friday 4/28: The bi-weekly currently being held by Brian Accrocco will be run using our newly acquired event management software. This will give players a chance to get a taste of what to expect at future AHPA major events. This event will be capped at around 24 players and priority will be given to individuals looking to utilize the software in their own events. It is meant to be a showcase of the software as well as an opportunity for others to learn how to run their own events using it.

Saturday 4/29: We will be have an entire day of open Challenge Ladder Matches and more demos of how the tournament software will function. This will be a great opportunity to allows us to help you setup a new profile on the new system and get your initial ranking established. The new system will support National, State, and City level rankings. In addition, we will also be holding an open Q & A session at a time TBD. This session will allow us to present what are organization has done, is doing, and plan to do in the future.

Space is limited for both of these events. Please contact Brian Accrocco at brian.accrocco@theahpa.com if you are interested in attending either or both events.

Chris Lee
Co-Founder, CEO
Air Hockey Players Association (AHPA)

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Forums Home / Tournaments and Challenges / Houston Special Event- Event Software & Challenge