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TheAirHockeyGuy - 02 Aug 2016
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I just wanted to take some time to once again thank all of the players and families that attended the 2016 AHPA Air Hockey World Championship. I would especially like to thank those of you that took the time to contribute your time, energy, and muscles to help make the event the success that it was. To Doug Howard, Mike Pitts, Steven Accrocco, Adam Accrocco, Austin Fernandes, John Stucky, Mike Rose, and Mike Keller, thank you so much for your individual contributions to helping to make the event run smoothly. Also, to my fellow AHPA representatives Brian Accrocco and Justin Flores for dedicating time not only during the event, but over the past several months to help make this event happen.

This event was a success for us in so many ways. Not only did the event run about as smooth as I could hope for, but we made tremendous strides as an organization. A huge thank you to Mick White from Valley Dynamo for his and Dynamo's continued support of our efforts. As many of you know, Dynamo has already committed to a multi year agreement with the AHPA allowing us to give away one of the tournament tables every year for the next several years. As if that wasn't enough, I spent Sunday afternoon on the phone with a top executive at Dynamo securing even more support which is going to allow us to revolutionize organized air hockey and create the opportunities necessary to spread this sport across the US and the world. The Rocky Mountain State Games, The Chapel Hills Mall, and Dynamo, were all extremely happy with the event and have offered their full support in the future. Lastly, the overall atmosphere throughout the weekend was amazing. Everyone seemed to be having a great time, kids of both air hockey players and spectators were playing random pick-up games on open tables, and everywhere I looked people were socializing and laughing. It was truly just a great group of people we had in attendance.

As a part of the AHPA and as a player, I am extremely excited for what is on the horizon for the world of air hockey. Thank you again to all that attended and we hope to see you all again at our next event!

Oops...also a big shout out to Zach from CNN! Can't wait to see his story!

Chris Lee
Co-Founder, CEO
Air Hockey Players Association (AHPA)

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Forums Home / Tournaments and Challenges / 2016 AHPA Air Hockey World Championship Recap