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AMG - 29 Oct 2015
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In the spirit of friendly competition, I throw down the gauntlet and hereby formally request a challenge match with August Parra.

August, I neither desire nor expect to play a match with you in the month of November - I need practice to make this a spirited contest.
As to December and forward, I am open to a match in the month of December if some mutually agreeable date could be set that doesn't tread too heavily on the busy holiday season. I expect I have more flexibility than you in regards to scheduling, so will work around your preferences.
I would like to play the match no later than the end of january.
I look forward to it; and, 'win, lose, or draw', expect it'll be a fun contest.

(Let me know if there is some other formality I'm supposed to observe to make the challenge official. I haven't issued a challenge in over a decade and not sure on the current procedures.)

Gary Morgan
aka AMG aka Oberon aka "that guy in the visor"
AMG - 06 Nov 2015
Total Posts: 20
For want of a reply on this forum, I attempted to email August Parra directly. However, the email listed on this website for August is now defunct.

A general request to those in August's social circle or any moderating authorities that liaise on these matters: Please advise August of this challenge - and pass on my contact info with a request for contact - and/or provide me with a current email address for him.

214-724-1776 (texts acceptable as well)

Gary Morgan
goran - 06 Nov 2015
Total Posts: 428
I sent a message to Syed on fb. Syed said he'll let him know. Look forward to the match.
sjrbat - 06 Nov 2015
Total Posts: 527
August forgot his username. He says he can play the first or second week of December. Gary I will give him your phone number.


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Forums Home / Tournaments and Challenges / A gentleman's challenge to ...