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sjrbat - 20 Sep 2011
Total Posts: 527
Since August leap frogged me by beating Albert last week, he has agreed to play me a match on September 26 at 1pm. If anyone is available to ref, please come join us. It should be a good match since we went 7 sets last time.
Mike C - 20 Sep 2011
Total Posts: 459
Do either of you have any new moves that neither has seen or knows how to defend?
sjrbat - 20 Sep 2011
Total Posts: 527
airhockeyjedi - 20 Sep 2011
Total Posts: 102
Good luck to both of you. Should be a close match, again.

Vince Schappell
2007-2009 USAA Treasurer
USAA Member since 1980
AParra - 21 Sep 2011
Total Posts: 82
I do not think they are new moves. I think everyone has seen almost everything about everyone the point is can you score on them and can you block their shots. Of course i start playing my sets almost all the same way. If that does not work yes i have to adjust me defense and shoot different shots. I do not like playing Syed because i have to really think hard how to score on him by the 3rd set. So by then they are not new moves but different shoots. To me i will play anyone that challenges me even if i have played them before. I will play Albert later in Oct. because he wants a rematch. Soon it will be my turn to challenge people in the top 7. The harder the player you play the more you learn about your game and what you need to work on. Oh ya see you at SRO Syed on Monday.
sjrbat - 27 Sep 2011
Total Posts: 527
Thanks to August for playing me and congratulations for defending his new #8 Ranking and #13 Rating. He played very intense and did not want to lose from the beginning. I, on the other hand, had ups and downs in my game and was not able to match Aug's level of play.

First set: Aug and I agree that I actually played better but to his credit he kept finding ways to win 4-2.

Second set: Aug took control and again finished this set off 4-2.

Third set: From the middle of the 2nd set and all the way through this set, each of us won every other game. That is how close we are at times when both playing good. Fortunately I won the first game of this set and held to pattern and won game 7.

Fourth set: The pattern continued with every other game. We both played well, but Aug won the first game, so he won the 7th game.

Fifth set: Aug just wanted to finish it out unlike last time (he was up 3-1 in our last challenge match and I came back and tied it at 3-3 before running out of steam in the 7th set). This time Aug didnt want any of that and played like a maniac and every shot he shot was accurate, crisp, and hard.

Aug is definitely positioning himself to be a consistent top 10 player. Now his next step should be to overtake Brian and Anthony.

Until next time.....

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Forums Home / Tournaments and Challenges / August (8) vs Syed (12) Sep 26 SRO