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JustinFlores - 24 Aug 2011
Total Posts: 120
Match to be played in Dallas on Sunday August 28. The exact location is yet to be determined. Trying to find a Dynamo table worth playing on that is available when we need to play, which is around 12.

Thanks for checkin in
sjrbat - 24 Aug 2011
Total Posts: 527
Good luck to both players but Justin REPRESENT Houston . :)

Godofsmash - 24 Aug 2011
Total Posts: 18
Good luck Justin! :D
madmak72 - 26 Aug 2011
Total Posts: 14
Sorry I haven't responded on the forums before now.

Justin and I have agreed to play this Sunday in Dallas.

Looking forward to this!!
John Song - 28 Aug 2011
Total Posts: 15
Looking forward to the results on this one.

To Good Games!

sjrbat - 28 Aug 2011
Total Posts: 527
So the results are.......?
JustinFlores - 28 Aug 2011
Total Posts: 120
I won 4 sets to 0. Was a fun match! Thanks to mike for playing, nick for reffing the match, and chris green for letting us play at your place. Overall was a good time, I definitely gotta come up for some more games. I'll post the scores later tonight as I am still on the road back to houston
JustinFlores - 28 Aug 2011
Total Posts: 120

Set 1
Mike 745672
Justin 677757

Set 2
Mike 7357723
Justin 5776277

Set 3
Mike 2332
Justin 7777

Set 4
Mike 6467776
Justin 7776647

Please let me know when these are made official.

sjrbat - 29 Aug 2011
Total Posts: 527
Match entered:

Justin 1227 to 1327
Mike 1289 to 1189

Travis will have to adjust the rankings.

carolina phil - 29 Aug 2011
Total Posts: 1084

You have come along way since the day you came to photograph the Nationals at SRO. In about two years, you have risen from obscurity, winning weeklies, competing in big tournaments, and now going to Dallas to take number 30. And you did it by defeating a top Dallas player in Keller, a fighter who will only get better.

Well done,

Carolina Phil
madmak72 - 01 Sep 2011
Total Posts: 14

Thanks for coming down Justin. It was quite a time and I actually feel like I accomplished quite a bit for my first CM run!

SO much goes on i didn't even realize in a Challenge Match. The mental, stamina, strategy - what an experience - quite addicting actually. I'll be ready to go again sometime!

Thanks for the words Phil, Air Hockey is a journey I did not expect when I got back into it last year! I have learned so much and the life of it is a thrill. I will only en devour to work harder and promote the sport with diligence.

I know the pain of a 4-0 now (especially after that last round) and it is something you do not forget.

Cheers guys.

chuckdpuck - 03 Sep 2011
Total Posts: 26
Congrats Justin! Mike, bro you are such a Class Act! You are right in viewing this as a learning experience. We have some great things ahead for air hockey here in the DFW area. I am looking forward to it. You and I will have to take a trip to H-Town to challenge some of the Big Dawgs there! I love our sport,our Air Hockey World as a whole! Great group of folks!

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