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brain - 13 Aug 2011
Total Posts: 578
I would like to personally offer thanks to all of the people who made this tournament happen.

First of all, I would like to thank the tournament staff. Everybody put in a lot of time and effort to make the tournament a success. Thanks to Mike Cummings, Travis Luscombe, Jamie Montross, Tad Gibson, Jason Stevens, Donovan Brown, Phil Arnold, Syed Rahman, Justin Flores, Goofy Morris, Marc Sandlin, Tory Evans, Bridget Stevens, Diane Accrocco, Steven Accrocco, Chris Gibson, Tyler Gibson, Tyler Stewart, Colin Cummings, Ben Hayman, Dave Courington (Valley-Dynamo), Greg Smith (SRO GM), Joe Lohan (SRO AGM), and the entire SRO staff.

I would like to thank our sponsors: USBirthCertificate.com, C2 Media, airhockeyworld.com, protablesports.com, Valley-Dynamo, Jamie G Designs, and our most generous host, SRO.

Special thanks to John Stucky and Goran Mitic who helped out immensely on the fly.

I would like to thank channels 2, 11, 13, 26, and 39 who all came out and televised our event on the news. With each passing year, we acquire more and more exposure, and the sport of air-hockey continues to gain recognition thanks to our media.

A special thanks to all of the players from out of town who took time off from work and spent your money to make the trip and participate. Having a job with limited vacation days, I fully appreciate the sacrifice it is to use those days for a recreational activity like air-hockey, and your participation added further value and professionalism to the event.

And a special thanks to Danny Hynes for being the model of an athletic champion and an all around great human being! Your determination for success combined with your humility and selflessness are inspiring to all.

Stay tuned for more UNAP events...

Brian Accrocco

sjrbat - 13 Aug 2011
Total Posts: 527

As usual the tournament was great and very competitive.
A big THANKS to you, Travis, and Mike for holding the event.
I apologize for not being able to make it Monday, I had a team project due on Tuesday and I had left it to the other team members to finish, but unfortunately they were not even close.

Until next time.......

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Forums Home / Tournaments and Challenges / 2011 IAHC - Thanks to Staff, Sponsors, and Players