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Davisl - 01 Nov 2010
Total Posts: 168
LET'S GO GI-ANTS!!! I guess everyone is Messing with Texas this year....

I hope this doesn't put the whammy on the Gmen.
carolina phil - 03 Nov 2010
Total Posts: 1084
Congrats to the Giants. I was pulling for Texas; but I have always been a National League fan. As a kid, I loved Willie Mays basket catches; learned to do them that way myself! And liked Juan Marischal's high kicking delivery; McCovey; Cepeda, even slow baller Stu Miller who actually lofted/lobbed the ball to the plate as slow as possible sometimes.

But my fav and, IMO, the greatest player ever was on my fav team Pitsburgh Pirates, and that was, and will always be, the immortal Roberto Clemente. With his 42 inch bat and rifle arm, and basket catches even flashier than Mays, he is my model. I play ah like he played baseball, I hope:)

Oh, Mays caught basket off his chest; but Clemente basket caught all balls off his knees at last second.

Phil Arnold

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