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tableman - 26 Jan 2010
Total Posts: 690
Man, I am so disappointed in Brett Favre - and pissed at him too. Can't believe he did it AGAIN - same as 2 years ago - and after such a great season.

People say: "well, if not for Favre, the Vikings wouldn't have even gotten that far." True... but a championship-level player has to perform in the clutch and not make disastrous mistakes.

Getting to a Superbowl is as hard as getting to a USAA National/World Finals (unless you're Danny Hynes :). Imagine you've gotten all the way to the losers bracket final - it's 3 games to 3, 6-6 - and you flub the puck into your own goal. Or do a risky, low-percentage charge and get easily banked around. And you do it 2 years out of 3! That's essentially what Favre did.

Now in AH, risky charging can be appropriate - for example if you're losing badly and you need something to stop the guy's momentum. A successful charge or two might take away his best shot and shift the momentum - just like a risky desperation pass in football might turn around a losing game.

But if you've gotten to 6-6 in the final game - or 21 seconds away from the opportunity to kick the winning field goal - it's not the time for wild gambles. And that's what Favre did.

It reminds me of what the investment writer James Dines says about "the secret desire of all gamblers to lose."

carolina phil - 26 Jan 2010
Total Posts: 1084
Yeah, its like some Greek trajedy for Farve. His personal Flaw brought him and those around him to his Fate--no matter what team and what year.

Especially true when right in front of him on the 35 near the sidelines was an entirely open receiver whom he surely saw, and with a sardonic smile rejected in favor of slinging it to his left where he saw a different receiver covered by the fickle finger of Fate.

TheAirHockeyGuy - 26 Jan 2010
Total Posts: 472
For the record, I posted on my Facebook minutes before he threw his INT that it was going to happen.

Chris Lee
Co-Founder, CEO
Air Hockey Players Association (AHPA)
carolina phil - 26 Jan 2010
Total Posts: 1084
But he had not shown this proclivity all during this season; and there had been some chances for it to come out. How did you know it would minutes later?

corydzbinski - 21 Oct 2012
Total Posts: 148
Hey quit picking on my boy!

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