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BAA - 29 Feb 2020
Total Posts: 10
I bought a Dynamo Photon 4 years ago based on the excellent advice from the pros on this forum. We recently moved and can't fit it in our new home. I am looking for a quality 7' table that plays the heavier, bigger pucks and will play like the bigger, arcade style tables. What is the best option? I like what I am seeing from the Gold Standard Pro Elite but am wondering if anyone can compare that table to the 7' tables offered by Dynamo. I appreciate the help.
BAA - 01 Mar 2020
Total Posts: 10
Another question: Can the cabinet of a Dynamo Photon be disassembled easily? I thought I read somewhere that it can be un-bolted and taken apart, but I also remember reading somewhere else that it is difficult to get the cabinet apart. If I can get the cabinet apart, I can get it in my new basement, assuming the table top is exactly 4' x 8' and only 1-2" thick. Thanks.

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