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Daria91 - 17 Apr 2019
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Paddles for air hockey differ in their size, shape, grip, the presence or absence of protection for the hand and the quality of the material from which they are made. Such paddles are equipped with almost all amateur tables for playing in the air hockey, they can be called "classical", they are made of plastic, and differ in their diameter, which in turn is dictated by differences in the size of the tables for air hockey.

Better and more expensive paddles differ not only in the shape and quality of the plastic from which they are made but also in other nuances: https://gametablezone.com/best-air-hockey-paddles/ For example, the presence of protection, which protects the hand from getting into it washer during the game.

Another difference is the fundamentally different grips of the pusher, which can be more or less convenient for players in air hockey. It is necessary to understand that all these differences do not divide the paddles into good and bad, to professional and amateur ones, rather they make them different.

And which paddles do you use, professional or classical?
araceli999 - 21 Mar 2021
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Different types of pucks and paddles are available in the market, if you are seeking good quality then you can surely hit for amazon before that don't forget to read buying guide and reviews on them. https://airhockeyplace.com/air-hockey-pucks-and-paddles-buyers-guide-2021/

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Forums Home / The Lobby / Which paddles are better?