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Andrew - 24 Oct 2017
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I'm looking at buying a Performance Games Slick Ice table for my son and I to play in our basement. It's about $500 including travel and a uhaul rental. I have kind of narrow basement steps so getting something bigger like a Dynamo probably isn't an option.

Does anyone have any thoughts on the table?
tableman - 30 Oct 2017
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The Performance Games tables are very similar to the old Shelti (Wingman, Enforcer) tables from when I first bought Shelti. They were OK but not up to the play standards I wanted so I redesigned them into the current Gold Standard Home Pro And Home Pro Elite. The Slick Ice most likely won't have the rail action or speed of our current Home Pro line but then the price for a used one is much less. And that table will beat the China imports because it uses the large puck which will stay on the table better.

If you could find a used 7' Dynamo commercial grade table (not the Arctic Wind) that would be superior to the Performance Games models. As would a Great American 7-footer.
Andrew - 08 Nov 2017
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Thanks for the advice. I won't have the time to travel for this table anytime soon so I'll probably be waiting for a better option. Or possibly until I can justify a Gold Standard Home Pro. Especially since I wouldn't have to take a day to go get it. Now I just need to convince my wife.

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