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So_transplant - 13 Sep 2017
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We're finally ready to upgrade our air hockey table. After months of searching ebay and CL, I think I may have found one. The catch is that it has a small spot near the goal where the laminate is removed. From the photos it looks to be about the size of a thumb print. I'm concerned it will interfere with playing and/or will spread.

The table is a Dynamo hot flash and costs $1300. (It's for regular home use.) Is that a reasonable deal given the condition? Also, is there something I can do to prevent the spot from growing. I've seen some tables where very large spots where the laminate has worn off which is why I think it might spread once started.

goran - 06 Oct 2017
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If you can post a pic that would help, but you should be able to get a used dynamo in the $400-$800 range depending on condition. I wouldn't pay more than $500 for a hot flash if it's in great condition.

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Forums Home / The Lobby / When is a spot on the play surface OK?