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Valeh - 24 Aug 2017
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I am trying to purchase a new air hockey table, but there are so many options and such differences in price that I am having a hard time. What would the recommendation be for a full size table, that will be used often and by adults and kids and will be in the garage. I'd appreciate any advice.
Red puck - 06 Sep 2017
Total Posts: 193
From my experience, your best bet will be with a Pro style air hockey table or a Gold Standard Games table, as a home table without the coin operation. Important that the table is an 8', and not a 7',as the 8' is sanctioned by the USAA for professional play.



There are also great deals that can be found on Craigslist for used tables for around half the price if you are willing to do the research.

I hope this helps.

Play puck,

Valeh - 08 Sep 2017
Total Posts: 2
Thank you so much!!! This definitely helps!!!
Daria91 - 24 Sep 2018
Total Posts: 5
I can advise The Triumph Blue-Line air hockey table.


It will help you to have fun and enjoy your time with children or friends, at home or at the cottage. The stylish design will allow the Triumph Blue-Line to be a worthy part of any interior.
AdamC - 14 Jan 2019
Total Posts: 1
So, are you an experienced player or you are a beginner? If you are a beginner then you can try with something cheaper but still pretty ok option, like Sportcraft.
I think that they are an OK option for a hobby player, they look good and you can really buy almost everything in their offer. They have big, small, tabletops, it really depends on what you are looking for.
adam90 - 05 Feb 2019
Total Posts: 1
I think you should check reviews and customer's feedback before buying any table and i would like you to check out https://airhockeytablereviews.com/best-multigame-tables-air-hockey-included-buying-guide-review. You can find reviews on top air hockey tables there.
Ult1mat3X - 14 Jun 2019
Total Posts: 2
RecRoomPick is great to deal with! Not trying to be negative but air hockey will lose it's appeal just like ping pong and takes up a lot of space. At least if you used that space for pins you don't need a second player or a Chex bubble hockey is pretty cool. Just a thought, but Rec Room Pick will treat you good buy with confidence.

hockeyman - 30 Oct 2019
Total Posts: 1
You guys should checkout Game Table Review. They have the best air hockey table reviews. https://gametablereview.com/air-hockey-table/

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