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mfred_2000 - 28 Dec 2016
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New to owning a table, found this forum....if you can help, Id appreciate it. I recently bought a Neon Aire table by Imagination Leisure. This is the table:


The number listed is disconnected, and haven't gotten much info via email. My question is, I want to put it in my game room basement, for my children to play...do you guys know if it can be disassembled? I don't think I can make the turn to the basement without taking it apart....surely these tables, (dynamo, ice, imagination ect..) have the ability to be disassembled. Any info is appreciated, we just paly for fun...found this at an arcade closing, bought it before I measured my hallway to the basement.

tableman - 28 Dec 2016
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Imagination Leisure (formerly US Billiards) has been out of business for many years now. From '82 to '85 I sold a table made for me by US Billiards, before I went to Dynamo and designed their table.

Like all US-made commercial tables, the table you have is not designed to be disassembled, but it can be done. The cabinet is glued and/or stapled together, so you have to force it apart. I've never done it but many others have. Just keep track of all the parts and then use screws/bolts/staples/glue, whatever you have to, to put it back together.

And if I recall correctly, I think they used particleboard for the cabinet panels instead of plywood, so you need to be extra careful prying it apart so you don't break the particleboard.
mfred_2000 - 29 Dec 2016
Total Posts: 2
Thank you for the information! I'm very concerned the particle board will deteriorate if pried apart, maybe I should list it for sale...any ideas on value?
tableman - 29 Dec 2016
Total Posts: 690
Really don't know the value. It wouldn't appeal to the serious players on this site because it's a non-sanctioned table that doesn't play that well - steel top, weak air flow, side rails don't bounce well, etc. But for someone who likes the look and doesn't care about getting a USAA-sanctioned table, it might be appealing. Guess you can put it out there at what you paid for it or higher and see what happens.

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Forums Home / The Lobby / Neon Aire Table, can I dissasemble it?