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Eleventy5 - 02 Dec 2016
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First time poster, actually just found this site when looking for information on the table I purchased this week. Used to play an excessive amount of air hockey in my late teens, even some amateur tournaments here and there. Always loved the game.

Now that is out of the way, Found a table on Facebook market. Dynamo blue top in the images, I asked the seller the size and condition. they replied with 96 x 45 x 31! missing goal ends and a couple of dings on the playing surface. The price was $50.00.

So I raced over to their house with practically throwing my $50 bucks at them and racing home with the table. I did have them plug it in and made sure the blower was working before I left with the table, but honestly it looked to be in pretty good shape. With the exception of some muck and grime on the play surface and 1 good size repaired (poorly) ding and 2 smaller dings that look to be pretty easily repaired.

I get the bad boy home, and notice the mallets and pucks they included. all of the pucks are the smaller 2.5", and I wondered why they would be using the smaller pucks on a full size table... Let me just grab my measuring tape... Yup 7 ft table. Still a hell of a deal, although the air is not very strong and there is some refurbishing to be done.

Now to my questions! I don't think I have ever played on a 7 ft table, is it best to play with the smaller pucks? Where should I look for replacement goal ends? The Valley Dynamo site is extremely unreliable, having a hard time getting to the same page twice! Also, is there anything I should be on the lookout for while I am refurbishing this table? the legs (wish I could include a picture) look more like the arctic wind table legs than the prostyle legs, at least in images I am able to dig up. Was that normal with the older tables?

That should be enough to get me started! thanks in advance for any input!

Eleventy5 - 02 Dec 2016
Total Posts: 8
Well it apparently is an arctic wind table! the older arctic wind tables had a blue top. disappointing, but probably worth the 50 bucks anyway. And something to play with until I find a great deal on a full size table :)
tableman - 03 Dec 2016
Total Posts: 690
Are you playing in the Worlds this weekend at the U. of Houston? You can still sign up if you get there by 11 am Saturday. Go to airhockey.com for more info. Or just come to watch, we'll be there all weekend. Players from Venezuela as well as around the U.S., including current World Champion Colin Cummings.

As for your table: the Arctic Wind looks very different from a 7 ft. Dynamo commercial table. No electronic scoring... open cabinet... much lighter weight... uses small pucks. Still a very good deal for $50. I rate the Arctic Wind as one of the best of the small puck tables, in my AH buying guide which you can find at www.goldstandardairhockey.com.
Eleventy5 - 05 Dec 2016
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And I missed it... Haven't played in years, So would have been a spectator only. Sorry I missed it!

On a side note, the table plays great for being so old, and the missing goal ends right at crotch level make for an interesting game. I Will check out your buying guide, thanks for the heads up!
Eleventy5 - 24 Dec 2016
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I found a full size table within my price range! An older comet coin-op table. The table appears to be in decent shape. Just a Couple of wounds on the play surface that have been repaired, and a couple slightly warped areas.

Is there any way to repair the warped areas? they are very minor and the puck still slides over them, although not quite as smoothly as the rest of the table.

I really want this thing upstairs in my game room, any recommendations on how to achieve such a goal? or movers who will come and do it for me? pretty much a straight shot, no turns on the stairs, but man this thing is heavy! Has anyone
moved one of these tables upstairs before?

Eleventy5 - 25 Dec 2016
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any way to delete the image I posted? looks like it did not size properly...

tableman - 26 Dec 2016
Total Posts: 690
The Comet was a well-built, heavy table from the 90's. Not USAA-sanctioned because of the painted rails, but otherwise plays well. By now the paint on the rails where the puck hits should be gone, which well make the puck bank better and stay on the table.

While dings and divots on a table can be fixed, once you get a warp, it's rare that it will go back down. You're pretty much stuck with it. You can try bashing it down with a rubber mallet, or leaving heavy weights on the warp for a long time, but those rarely work (I've tried).

If the warps are minor, the table is still playable. If the warps are bigger they can stop the puck or cause it to fly, which is not good.
Eleventy5 - 26 Dec 2016
Total Posts: 8
The warps are very minor, but I will give the weights a shot anyway. Thanks for the heads up!
Eleventy5 - 28 Dec 2016
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5 people, a piano board, several straps and the table is in the upstairs game room!

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