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uwbadgers19 - 06 Nov 2016
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I recently made this thread http://www.airhockeyworld.com/forummessages.asp?forum=1&thread=2525&page=1#threadend

And I was looking at the home pro elite. Ended up buying a used 7 foot blue streak coin yesterday for $995. Seemed to be in great condition. Just gotta wait two weeks for delivery now :(

My main question is it doesn't come with an overhead light. I looked them up and they cost $800, which seems insane!

Any good options for simple lighting of the table but nowhere near that cost?
tableman - 07 Nov 2016
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Keep in mind that Blue Streak overhead unit is also a score unit. I see it's $749 from Dynamo. And the light isn't very bright on that unit.

If it's just lighting you need, and your ambient light isn't good enough, just drop a light from the ceiling over the middle of the table. With a 100-watt-equivalent or better bulb.

John Stucky of Colorado designed some lights that clamp onto the side of Dynamo tables. They have been used in USAA Worlds and other tournaments. He might have one to sell. He's not on these forums regularly but you can search for his phone number in Longmont, CO and give him a call.

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Forums Home / The Lobby / Dynamo blue streak overhead light?