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Seaverd - 02 Nov 2016
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We are looking to purchase an air hockey table for Christmas. Our budget is $1000.

I know from reading that the Gold Standard Home Elite is the normal recommendation... however that exceeds our budget. I found a used Shelti Enforcer locally for $400. My wife likes the looks of the American Heritage Monarch which can be purchased for $700 or so online with coupons. I would love feedback on which direction I should go. The usage is just family and friends in our basement rec room.
tableman - 03 Nov 2016
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I bought Shelti in 2010, and took the basic template of the Enforcer and redesigned it into the Gold Standard Home Pro Elite. I felt that the basic design was good but that a couple things needed improvement, most importantly the rail bounce, which was not lively enough for me on the Enforcer. So the Gold Standard Home Pro line has livelier bounce off the rails.

I'm not familiar personally with the Monarch table so I guess you'll have to go by the online reviews. I see different answers as to whether the puck is the large size (3 1/4") or the small size, and whether it holds the table.I know the Enforcer had good air flow and uses the larger puck which holds the table well.

While I would love to have you get a new Gold Standard table, I understand your budget won't accommodate that. I think the Enforcer would be a good choice for $400 or less if you can bargain it down. But if you're willing to spend up to $1,000, and have the room, and the time to look around, maybe you could find a used USAA-sanctioned table for under $1,000. This would most likely be a Dynamo (our 8' tables haven't been out there long enough to hit the used market yet). Even a very used commercial table can provide years of enjoyment in a home setting. Just make sure the playfield has no warps and isn't worn through.

You can also see the buying guide to home tables I wrote, at goldstandardairhockey.com.

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