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Petesimple - 27 Sep 2015
Total Posts: 319
Hello Air Hockey peoples!
Just mulling around the idea of opening an air hockey gym here in Houston and I want to know if there is interest. The thought behind it would include 2-4 air hockey tables, much like what we have at skybox. A trophy/air hockey museum room. Restrooms with showers and lockers. Vending machines with water and healthy snacks. A Mallet/puck shop with air hockey repair. And some static space for working out/streching/yoga studio
Please respond to the thread if you are interested in this idea and if you have any idea to add.


tableman - 01 Oct 2015
Total Posts: 690
Good idea, others have considered it, never really been done. I wouldn't call it a gym, sounds too much like smelly socks and stale air. :) Make it a table game arena/emporium. Bring in table tennis, maybe pool, foos, etc. Bring in specialty operators for the other games to run tournaments on those games, and you won't have to buy them. Not enough AH players alone to sustain a business.
carolina phil - 04 Oct 2015
Total Posts: 1084
Nice sports pub closed and is now for lease on Durham near I10, across from the indoor soccer place called KICKS. In Houston
Red puck - 22 Oct 2019
Total Posts: 193
I think the Longmont Rec Center has a part of this idea going already, with its two prostyle tables

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Forums Home / The Lobby / Air Hockey Gym idea