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ba - 21 Aug 2013
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I have read most of the threads on buying a table and it sounds like a dynamo or gold standard is the way to go. However I have a space constraint to deal with thus need opinions.

I cannot fit anything over 90" and frankly 84" is much more comfortable. Width isn't so much of a problem provided its less than 50". So in research it appears that the bigger "arcade" style tables wont work.

I would like to keep it less than $1k if possible. Suggestions?
tableman - 22 Aug 2013
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There are plenty of tables out there that meet your size requirements and that are under $1,000 new, but of course, they're nowhere near the quality of a sanctioned table. Our Gold Standard Home Pro and Home Pro Elite tables meet your size (maybe an inch long), play pretty well (although not as good as a USAA-sanctioned table), but they cost over $1,000 new.

So you'll need to find a used table (like a Dynamo) if you want good quality in your price range. Problem is, it's pretty rare to find a used 7-ft. Dynamo, and even rarer to find a 6-ft. Dynamo or Brunswick. So you'll just have to search for a used Dynamo Blue Streak (7-ft, but actually around 86").

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