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Red puck - 29 Jul 2013
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You know how Dynamo tables have a couple different themes? Themes such as Photon, Stinger, Prostyle, "Best Shot", Firestorm, Hot flash, and a few others.

I think there is the potential if Mark Robbins on designing GSG tables with different themes, then there could be more variety and more business made through that. Although, I think USAA ruled that out and decided to have bland, unison tables to make as non-distracting as possible. -Ben
tableman - 31 Jul 2013
Total Posts: 690
USAA doesn't mind "themes" as long as they don't compromise play quality. Gold Standard is just now coming out with our "Gold Flare" table which is more colorful than the standard but still USAA-sanctionable. We'll have a borchure soon.

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