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Vistacruise - 30 Jun 2013
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Looking for brand suggestions to look for on craigslist and ebay. I have recently purchased a couple tables a 6 and 7 foot but they are just to basic and will now have to resell them. I would like to find something nicer that I can still get into the basement. I would love a full size arcade one but don't think that will fit. A 7 foot table is probably the limit based on the entry way and stairs.

Brands I'm seeing so far are Sportcraft, Brunswick, Harvard, Tornado, Valley Dynamo, Easton
You can tell by some of the pictures which are the cheep ones but hard to tell the good ones from the mid level tables. What should I be looking for or asking?

I'm also seeing some tables with a Hockey style goal away from the tables edge. Are those good to play on? Or stick with the style with the goals in the end of the table?
tableman - 02 Jul 2013
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If you're looking for new, I would humbly recommend my own company's tables. The very best quality at each price point. www.gold-standard-games,com, www.goldstandardairhockey.com.

If you're looking for used, and you want a good table you can play competitively on, look for a used commercial grade (coin-op most likely) Dynamo. The Tornado coin-op was decent too, but you're probably seeing their smaller tables with the small pucks. Tables withe small pucks won't be as good, the puck will fly off, but might be OK for little kids.

The tables with the goal out in the middle are based on a flawed idea that air hockey is like ice hockey. The out goal will be hard for a kid to reach, and even for an adult, you won't be able to play a competitive game like on a sanctioned table. You may hurt your hand on the out goal as well.
tableman - 02 Jul 2013
Total Posts: 690
And if you can find an old coin-op Brunswick table (blue top), grab it! But they will be 8'.

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